What is Shared Ownership?

As one of the largest and most respected housing developers in London, we have Shared Ownership homes available right across the city.

It’s a government backed scheme to help you get on to the property ladder, with the help of a housing association like us.

It means you can buy a share in a property – usually ranging from 25% to 75% – and pay us a lower-than-market rent on the rest. The beauty of the scheme is that you can buy a property without having to meet the high earnings expectations of mortgage lenders, and without having to pay the huge deposit you'd need to buy outright. Instead, you can take out a mortgage and pay a deposit on a share, rather than the full value, of a home. This can make buying a home more accessible than buying privately.

We'll help you work out what share you can comfortably afford, but you can increase it later if for example your income goes up.

Can I choose the kind of property I want to buy?

There's a good choice – everything from studio flats to four-bedroom houses, and we're building new homes all the time. On top of that, over 200 existing homeowners put their properties up for sale through us every year.

Can I choose where I want to live?

You can tell us which borough you'd prefer on your application form. Sometimes our developments are restricted to applicants who live or work in the borough already.

How much will a Shared Ownership home cost?

We set prices in line with the market, so you can expect the purchase price to be similar to other properties in the area. But on a monthly basis, it's usually equivalent to the cost of renting privately, with the added benefit that you'll own some equity in the property.

Are there any restrictions on these homes?

There are some restrictions, yes. For example, you won't be allowed to sub-let your property, you have a specified nomination period if you want to sell your home, and you'll need our consent before you make any alterations to the property. But we'll explain everything when you apply.

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Want to apply or get more information?

Please give us a call on 0203 815 2222 or email sales@nhhg.org.uk.